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SEMrush is a trusted data provider whose data on search volume, correlations, website traffic and digital trends is used by the biggest media outlets around the world. Comprised of over 30 tools and collecting search data for 140 countries, SEMrush provides statistics that can enhance any data-driven piece with more up-to-date information and accurate data. Media and communications clients recognize SEMrush for excellence in execution, global outreach and a thorough understanding of their needs. Our analytics and research capabilities are crucial when it comes to the ability to react to hot topics. Our ability to transform the data into valuable insights enables us to work with media outlets on a continuing basis.
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SEMrush Hosted the Biggest International Digital Marketing Show in India

With 40 powerful speaker sessions and panel discussions, the conference engaged with an audience of over 1500 people
4 dedicated stages for marketers divided in segments - Growth, SEO, Online Ads and Workshops
14 hours of intensive networking to bring the best minds... (more)