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Atrimed Pharmaceuticals is a 15-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. We are growing rapidly with a sales network backed by effective products and strong R&D. We are a pioneer in developing medicines from plants using biotechnology. We work with small molecules. We have a unique method, which fastens, the ‘bench to IP’ for targets involved in various disease development. Our major focus is on skin care and pain management as far as in house research is concerned. But we also work as vendors of small molecules for collaborative research.
 Recent press releases
Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Plant Science Receives Breakthrough in Molecule Research for COVID-19 Cure by ICMR Approved Regional Centre for Biotechnology

Bangalore based Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, a pioneer in developing scientifically tested Plant based medication, announced that, three of our samples tested positive against SARS-CoV-2 in the ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) designated laboratory and the developed drug will be avail... (more)
Atrimed Pharma Plans Lecture Series "An Hour with an Expert" on AtrimedX Platform

Bangalore based Atrimed Pharma, a pioneer in developing scientifically-tested plant-based medication, has organised Lecture Series by experts An Hour with an Expert - named “AtrimedX Platform" which will be covered in  forthcoming  six months, to drive COVID-1... (more)