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NR WARDROBE FUSS PVT LTD (DARVEYS) Revolutionizing the way people look at luxury fashion shopping in our country. To establish as a successful company, which is a pioneer in the exclusive dealing of splendid fashion products across the country with a loyal customer following. To remarkably extend the boundaries of the Indian luxury fashion market, evolving Darveys as a big sensation. STATING THE MISSION To facilitate an easy yet gratifying experience to the luxury fashion shoppers and enthusiasts with sophisticated bona fide products, which caters to all their fashion desires at the right price. To simplify buying one's favorite designer piece from our colossal variety online within the comfort of their homes. LUXURY FASHION INDUSTRY Considering the slowdown in our country, luxury fashion business has been growing at a great rate. Indian luxury fashion market is blooming with a good 25 percent growth in the previous year to becoming a glorious 15 billion dollar industry by 2015. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Our 300 partner boutiques/sellers on Darveys sell luxury fashion goods including Handbags, Clothing, Shoes and accessories from around 70+ brands via our portal .Many of these brands are not available to the market yet and for every brand which is already their our website would be providing a larger product variety. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Consumer gets an absolute authenticity guarantee with our promise to return two times the price of the product to the consumer, for any lapse in our judgment of a fair deal. Surely, this is not just a written statement on our website, but will be followed religiously to keep intact the company's repute, which is supreme.With a tie-up with 287 boutiques world over, we bank on a good collection of products with ample variety at real competitive prices. Our straight from the runway collection features products three months before they hit the offline stores in the country and almost at the same time as the stores in Milan or Paris. While our sale will mostly feature 30-40 percent off all throughout the year, online shoppers enjoy a particular product at up to 60 percent off on the actual price with our deal of the day attraction. The 24 Hour Flash Sale is the place to be with discounts ranging from 35-50 percent on some of the latest products surfacing for the only time. Our collection is well updated once in every ten days and will eventually be refreshed adding a new variety on a weekly basis.There is a mandatory membership fee of two thousand rupees to access our website. This not only makes us exclusive but allows the consumer to feel like a privileged member of a refined club with like-minded aficionados of the exorbitant fashion world.
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Darveys on the Road to Democratizing Luxury, Closes Applications to its One-time Membership Fee from January 2020

Diversifying the customer-base in India, Darveys, the online marketplace that sells global luxury brands has decided to democratize luxury by foraying into an untapped mass market segment in India by allowing all users in India to be able to shop from their website.
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Share’s Commitment to Sell Genuine Luxury Brands Online Wins them Landmark Judgement at Delhi High Court - India’s largest platform to buy authentic luxury brands wins a landmark judgement in Delhi High Court. As per the judgement, Darveys has been granted to sell Christian Louboutin through its portal by providing warranties of all the items sold by them (which has always b... (more)