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Pinnacle Blooms Network is chain of rehabilitation facilities core purposed to be empowering kids with special needs - bring in smiles into families.
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India Gets Free National Autism Helpline - 9100 181 181

Autism is spreading at the epidemic rate with more than 3 crore autistic Children/People out there currently per WHO. Autism Spectrum Disorder is life long Neurological, Psychological disorder been around for 104 years. Modern science couldn't even establish root cause/reason for the di... (more)
With ‘Pinnacle Blooms Network’ Special Kid’s Life is Beautiful

Pure Joy, Innocent Smiles, Jingle Bells, Christmas Trees, Snow Flakes, Christmas Spirit Celebration mixed with Tactile, Visual, Auditory Stimulated Learning and Socialization witnessed wonderful kids with neurological conditions who have presented themselves as Santa Clauses distributing gi... (more)