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Pyjamas are Forgiving - Over 100k Copies Sold

Juggernaut is extremely proud to announce that Twinkle's Pyjamas are Forgiving has sold over 100K copies, according to the Nielson BookScan, the country's most authoritative sales chart, which ...

Jul 12, 2019   16:50 IST  

Research Points to Employment and Eco-friendly Potential of Eucalyptus

Every year around 1.5 lakh hectares of clonal eucalyptus plantation is raised in agro forestry in India, creating employment of around 70 million man days in rural areas, states a new research study un...

Jul 04, 2019   14:55 IST  

Dr. Krishna Saksena’s Book ‘Whispers of Time’ Unveiled in New Delhi by Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani

Dr. Krishna Saksena ...

Jul 01, 2019   16:13 IST  

Priyanka Varma Launches her Second Book ‘Girl in the City’

Priyanka Varma, a renowned fiction author has launched her second novel ‘Girl in the City’. The author has narrated the story of love and inspiration ...

May 31, 2019   16:49 IST  

Building Global Bridges - Bridging Cultures, Sensitizing People

Do we need people who act as living bridges in our conflict ridden world? Do we need people who can sensitise people towards other cultures and build bridges globally between different cultures. Most of us would say, “Yes we do, and we need them very badly&rdquo...

May 11, 2019   11:00 IST  

Harper’s Bazaar India, in a Unique Innovation, Shoots its May Cover on a Smartphone

For the first time ever, Harper’s Bazaar India shot its May 2019 cover and cover story on a smartphone. The cover, shot on the soon-to-be-released OnePlus 7 Pro,...

Apr 30, 2019   12:33 IST  

Coaching the Coaches; Dr. Amit Nagpal Conducts Another Session to Empower Coaches

Coaching Concept is fast catching on in India and thanks to MNCs executive coaching has already become popular in the corporate world. Personal Branding and Inspirational storytelling ...

Apr 04, 2019   13:31 IST  

Airtel Boosts its Digital Content Portfolio - Launches ‘Airtel Books’ to Bring an Exciting Reading Experience to Smartphone Users

Airtel to partner with top publishers and also leverage its strategic partnership with Juggernaut Books to add to its e-books catalogue and bring popular t...

Apr 04, 2019   10:58 IST  

Garuda Prakashan Launches ‘#Modi Again’ and ‘Saffron Swords’

One of India’s homegrown startup publishing houses - Garuda Prakashan - is all set to launch its next two books ‘#Modi Again’ and ‘Saff...

Apr 01, 2019   11:22 IST  

Make your Businesses Overcome the Challenges of Time with Notion Press’ Mask Behind the Face

Notion Press’ latest book, Mask Behind the Face, is the perfect roadmap for CFOs, CEOs and Company Boards to stay ahead of the times and competition while reinve...

Mar 26, 2019   12:11 IST