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Pre Book your Vaccination through WONDRx App

A Mumbai-based health-tech start-up launched an application for Indian citizens to book an appointment with the nearest doctor or the vaccination clinic to get themselves vaccinated. Bringing in much needed con...

Sep 16, 2020 17:21 IST  

Made in India Shooting Game MaskGun gets 5 Lakh Downloads in a Week

In view of the recent PubG ban and people seeking Made in India games, MaskGun, a multiplayer shooter game made in Pune, India has seen its downloads in India jump 3X over the last week. It saw...

Sep 15, 2020 13:21 IST  

FilMe Introduces QR Code-Based Technology to Watch Films

Innovations are an eclectic mix of a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea. The ubiquitous QR code used for making payments can now be used for watching films. The revolutionary innovative technology has been introduced by an entertainment industry start-up FilMe. The...

Sep 14, 2020 15:38 IST  

VideoMeet Allows Hosting of Annual General Meetings with Company Law Compliances to Accommodate Lacs of Shareholders

VideoMeet, a made in India video conferencing application, has recently rolled out an array of new updates for the corporate, government and services sector. The application allows hosting of Annual General Meetings, which are an essential yearly event in every Indian company....

Sep 11, 2020 15:43 IST  

Proxgy Enables its Users to Book Real World Human Avatar, Navigate Physical World

Proxgy enables its users to book a real world human avatar, and navigate the physical world through that proxy avatar

Sep 07, 2020 17:44 IST  

Toyam Industries Limited Now Launches 'Scores11' a Fantasy Sports App

After the immense success of Kumite 1 League, India's biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion, Toyam Industries Limited now brings to you ‘Scores11’, a fantas...

Sep 04, 2020 16:18 IST  

OYO Rolls out Discounts for Students Appearing for JEE, NEET and Other State Examinations, Sets up Email Helpline for Seamless Bookings

Further to the Government of India’s announcement, JEE-Main exams commenced on September 01, 2020. In the coming weeks, NEET 2020 and other state-level examinations are also scheduled to be held pan India...

Sep 03, 2020 14:55 IST  

Personal Trainers on Demand - FitsApp Changes the Dynamics of Online Workouts

Losing or gaining weight was the key motivation for people heading to gyms in pre-COVID times. The privileged ones could easily afford a personal trainer while the rest had YouTube as their mentor....

Sep 02, 2020 16:57 IST  

Universal Mednets' MyMediLocker Crosses the 1.5 Million Personalised Health Locker Mark

MyMediLocker, a part of Universal Mednet Private Limited, a SAAS enabled health technology company providing comprehensive tech-based solutions to enable better health care ser...

Sep 01, 2020 18:19 IST  

AUTO i CARE Launches Aggregator Service for 24 Hour Car Service Assistance

With the automobile market booming in India, we are slowly becoming a country who travels long distances by car. Being a machine, cars have the tendency to break down, and what is worse if the car breaks down w...

Aug 27, 2020 13:20 IST