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Ekam Holds Meditation for Ending Economic Insufficiency, Nurturing Dignity Towards all People

3rd Ekam World Peace festival sent the message of ending economic insufficiency and nurturing dignity towards all people on the sixth day of 7-day online meditation festivity. John Peterso...

Aug 17, 2020 13:50 IST  

Ekam Organises Online Peace Meditation, Calls for End Violence Against Animals and Nature

Ekam World Peace Festival on 12th August, Wednesday organised 'Online Peace Meditation' for ending violence against animals and nature and called for nurturing and awakening a sense of oneness with all life forms.


Aug 13, 2020 16:23 IST  

Black Lotus Inks a Sponsorship Deal with Chess Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi

What happens when the two best of the very best in their respective fields meet? Well, they find common ground for the greater good. And that is exactly what transpired between Grandmaster...

Aug 12, 2020 17:22 IST  

Ekam World Peace Festival Preaches Awakening of Mind to Shun Discrimination

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are the Co-creators of Ekam, a powerhouse created to impact human consciousness. Among the various festivals and spiritual journeys, they founded, Ekam World...

Aug 12, 2020 11:43 IST  

Share Solving All your Work from Home Woes

With the surge of pandemic lifestyle changes, the once adored Work From Home option has now become a strain to working professionals’ physical and mental wellbeing. Bangalore based company, ...

Aug 11, 2020 10:55 IST  

Creaticity Launches First-of-its-kind Phygital Furniture and Decor Mall

Everyone is getting used to the new normal. This means work cannot stop, shopping cannot stop and making homes more aesthetic and functional can also not stop. To make life easier, to make shopping as “...

Aug 10, 2020 16:00 IST  

Indian Textile Industry Gears for Swiss Polymer Technology to Fight Coronavirus

An innovative product has emerged in the Indian textile industry that promises to render viruses such as coronavirus ineffective. The credit to bring this technology goes to N9 World Technologies...

Aug 07, 2020 16:18 IST  

Ikigai Author GarcĂ­a Shares Wise Words on Happy-long-life at the Tete-a-tea

Japanese Author Héctor García, who became famous for his book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, which he had Co-authored with Francesc Miralles, engaged in a lively conversation with ace Indian author, historian and thinker Vikram Sampath at the first...

Aug 06, 2020 17:42 IST  

Bloggers Alliance Launches "Creative Minds Healthy Minds" Campaign on its 1st Anniversary

As part of first anniversary activities, Bloggers Alliance, national association of bloggers and storytellers will be running a social media campaign 'Creative Minds Healthy Minds...

Aug 06, 2020 15:26 IST  

Zoya Unveils a Curated Collection Called 'Soul Lines - Find your Melody in Rare Jewellery'

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, presents a liberating, new, curated collection, “Soul Lines - Find Your Melody in Rare Jewellery”. Enco...

Aug 06, 2020 12:47 IST