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Saathi - A Unique Mini Spa Experience that can be Carried Anywhere

Jun 22, 2020 15:49 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

The Balance Mantra, a beauty and wellness online only brand has launched ‘Saathi’, a set of roll on bottles that uses the power of exotic plants to battle everyday challenges of a woman.


The Balance Mantra - Saathi


Did you know that drinking and eating herbs is not the only way you can derive their health benefits? This form of delivering the benefits of herbs has been an integral part of Ayurveda as well as of many other ancient methods of healing – we are talking about aromatherapy.


Right now in India we are still used to only enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy mostly only in a spa, but you could experience this at home too. In a way that is not only relaxing but also highly beneficial to your mind body health.


Essential oils impact us in a few seconds via the olfactory system which has millions of olfactory cells. They affect the part of the brain where memories are stored and therefore have an impact on our mental physical and emotional health. They also affect the endocrine system which means the glands affected are the pituitary which also controls the thyroid gland.


Ancient Ayurveda experts have talked about how essential oils are the prana, chi and life force of the plant and therefore the process of application is making you synergize with your own prana or life force.


But there are hundreds of essential oils that can help with our everyday challenges and each one has specific benefits for various issues. So how do you create one for your specific issue?


Balance Mantra a home grown mumpreneur run e-commerce brand has just the right solutions for you. Their gift set – Saathi, a set of 6 essential oil roll ons are targeted toward specific issues like hormone balance, immunity issues, low phases during the day, anxiety relief and pains and aches.


These roll ons are ready to apply straight into the skin and can be used on pulse points for quick and easy benefits. Because essential oils are made up of extremely tiny molecules and can reach the bloodstream within seconds, these roll on bottles are great for a small pampering break as well as to address health challenges over a period of regular use.


Exotic herbs like Ginger, Turmeric, Frankincense and many others go into making the roll ons that Balance Mantra has formulated for the benefit of women’s everyday challenges.


Megha Mehta, Founder of Balance Mantra swears by essential oils for herself and her kids for when they have a slight cold to when they are down with a tummy upset.


After this first range of roll ons for women, they are slated to launch a selection for kids and also sets for targeted issues like Sleep, Stress or Travel.


About The Balance Mantra

The Balance Mantra aims to bring the power of essential oils, which we believe are the unsung heroes of Ayurveda and have ancient roots across the world – to treat a variety of issues from headaches, to nausea, to hormone balance or immunity.


They also have a range of carrier oils, essential oil blends and beauty devices under their sub brand Nivay which they sell through Amazon and their social media pages.


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The Balance Mantra - Saathi
The Balance Mantra - Saathi
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