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3Mark Services is Set to Launch itself in Delhi and Mumbai

Sameer Sheikh to achieve diversity as possible with its work

Jul 08, 2019   11:24 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Started its journey from 2014 in the event management, marketing and Public Relations arena, 3Mark Services has successfully spread its roots in major cities across South India. Since its inception, the company has worked with different sectors, and after continuous hard work and collaborations, it is now a well known name in education, corporate, retail, FMCG, entertainment, sports, politics, telecommunication, fashion & lifestyle, wedding and other sectors.


Sameer Sheikh - Founder, 3Mark Services


3Mark Services began his work from the entertainment industry, and after working with renowned celebrities and creating a strong presence there, it moved to the corporate sector. There, it dealt with many national and international banks along with multinational companies.


When Sameer Sheikh started this company after gaining years of experience in the PR and marketing field, his initial idea was ‘Effective and Efficient PR’. The basic concept was to utilise all the possible forms of communication to express the desired message of the clients widely and clearly to the public. As a result, the firm also received an award from Humanity First Foundation for the best event management service in 2018.


After building a strong client base in sports, showbiz, politics, corporate and retail sector in south region for PR, marketing and event management, the company is ready to expand its reach and extend its services in Delhi and Mumbai and is in constant lookout for the clients who really understand the value of ‘Effective and Efficient PR’. 3Mark Services has also done product/brand launch, movie launch/promotional activities, brand activities in the past and ready to take up again.


About 3Mark Services

3Mark Services, is a Hyderabad-based public relations firm operating in a phenomenal manner since a decade. Our core functions include practices in corporate reputation, effective and efficient public relations, celebrity management, image buildings etc. As one of the leading PR firms of India, which prides itself and also by achieving the goals set by our clients; we thank our colleagues in the industry for recognizing our efforts and giving us the opportunity to serve them.


Our public relations services are based on the idea of “Effective and Efficient PR”. That means using any form of communication, which will help your business to thrive and flourish. At its heart, effective PR is about taking advantage of the countless communication and means of expressing the opportunities in today’s world that enables people to start thinking, talking and having a desirous perspective about your business.


Agency is known for innovative strategies & ideas apart from that we provide beneficial solutions to our clients to build a strong image in the competitive business world.


Sameer Sheikh - Founder, 3Mark Services
Sameer Sheikh - Founder, 3Mark Services
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