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Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI)

AMAI Steps up Drive for Chlorine Disinfected Water on World Water Day

Mar 20, 2019   12:13 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

On the occasion of World water Day (22 March), Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI) is launching a major awareness drive on disinfecting water through chlorine and preventing water borne diseases. AMAI is the august body of manufacturers engaged in production of Caustic Soda, Soda Ash and Chlorovinyls.


Chlorine is being used world over for disinfection of drinking water and has become the disinfectant of universal choice. Chlorine can be used safely and effectively for water disinfection and is available easily in India.


Mr. Jayanti M Patel, President AMAI

“AMAI is committed to improving access to safe drinking water and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. AMAI members have launched a drive to not only make available adequate chlorine but also impart free training to personnel involved in water and wastewater treatment on safe usage of chlorine,” said Mr. Jayantibhai Patel, President AMAI.


"Chlorine and caustic soda are co-produced by the alkali industry and AMAI has taken it upon itself to widely spread safe usage of chlorine. AMAI's drive on treatment of wastewater is also supporting the objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission," added Mr. Patel.


According to AMAI, sources of drinking water such as rivers, ponds, canals, wells, etc. are invariably contaminated with disease-causing pathogens including bacteria, viruses and protozoan parasites causing a wide range of illnesses including diarrhea, Hepatitis A, Cholera and Typhoid fever.


National Green Tribunal recently stated that more than 60 per cent of sewage generated by urban India is untreated and enters water bodies like rivers, resulting in pollution and making it unfit for human consumption. Environment degradation severely affects human health requiring immediate attention, NGT stated.


Around 37.7 million Indians are affected by waterbone diseases annually and over 70 million working days are lost due to waterborne diseases. The resulting economic burden is estimated at USD 600 million a year, states a report published by AMAI.


According to a UNICEF report, 3,80,000 children die from diarrhea and its complications every year in India. Poor sanitation and contaminated water causes 80% of the diseases affecting rural India and diarrhea is a leading killer of children under five.


Effective removal of bacteria, viruses & protozoa pathogens requires disinfection by means that destroy them chemically and physically and chlorine is a potent way to achieve the same, AMAI has stated.


AMAI represents the entire alkali industry and prominent PVC resin manufacturers in the country. The principal products of the industry are caustic soda/chlorine, soda ash and PVC resins. The alkali industry constitutes the largest segment of the Indian inorganic chemical industry. The Association represents over 50 plants spread across the country with an industry turnover of over Rs. 25,000 crores that provides employment to nearly 2 lakh people.


AMAI actively engages with the government and with other trade bodies in the country and internationally for promoting sustainable growth of the Indian alkali and chlorovinyl industries, adoption of best & safe manufacturing practices and resource conservation. AMAI is the first chemical industry association in the country to launch a dedicated all-India toll-free helpline for handling Chlorine Emergencies.

Mr. Jayanti M Patel, President AMAI
Mr. Jayanti M Patel, President AMAI
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