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dClinic, Bringing a Revolutionary Dedicated Healthcare Blockchain to Indian Healthcare

Jun 19, 2019   15:02 IST 
New Delhi | Mumbai, India

dClinic is the first healthcare company to operate Vitality clinics on a dedicated Public Healthcare Blockchain (“PHB”).


The healthcare industry in India has long been faced with multiple challenges. Lack of rehabilitation centres, sufficiency of healthcare resources and below par patient experience, are just some of the challenges facing the healthcare system in India, and for that matter, all governments worldwide. What makes India attractive for dClinic is the newly returned Indian government led by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is stable, forward thinking and committed to innovative ways to respond to India’s healthcare challenges. With an environment ready for innovative healthcare investment, dClinic has already started negotiations with a number of local providers and influential advocates.


Sachin Gupta, Co-founder - dClinic

Worldwide, there are very few dedicated post-operative care services for patients. Patients can now rehabilitate in dClinic’s resort style Vitality Centres after undergoing major or minor surgery - Sachin Gupta (Co-founder - dClinic).  


The combination of owning facilities and providing revolutionary Public Healthcare Blockchain for the delivery of vitality and wellness services in partnership with local expert providers, is the key to successfully transforming the delivery of care for consumers world-wide” - Dr. Richard Satur (dClinic CEO).


Seamless, real-time sharing of clinical information between the consumers and their care team providers on dClinic’s Public Healthcare Blockchain, while strictly adhering to the Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) policies, standards and consent models framed by Indian government, will ensure faster, effective, targeted and more accurate diagnoses and hence, more effective treatments for consumers. PHB will also increase the overall ability of providers to offer preventative care and hence, reduce delivery cost while improving the overall patient experience. Furthermore, the PHB can facilitate the rewarding of patients who participate and adhere to their Vitality plans.


The PHB has the ability to address many of India’s healthcare concerns, processing millions of transactions per day, integrating with all providers increasing efficiently for millions of consumers. In addition, and unlike others in this space, dClinic’s PHB is a purpose build clinically focused blockchain that can also integrate with other blockchains such as the more traditional financial blockchains for payments and tracking.


dClinic has the ability to deliver for India and recently signed an agreement with BP Batam Hospital, Indonesia to help bring the PHB and Vitality clinics to Batam, and eventually to the whole of Indonesia. The primary partnership is between BP Batam, through BP Batam Hospital, and dClinic, who have engaged Deloitte South East Asia and JP Consulting to provide project management and clinical governance expertise. A similar approach will be pursued in India.


Batam is excited about being a leader in healthcare. We believe dClinic’s solution coupled with the expertise and facilities the BP Batam Authority and BP Batam Hospital brings to the project, offers Indonesia an opportunity to advance the delivery of effective healthcare services for all Batam and eventually, Indonesian patients,” - Dr. Sigit Riyarto M. Kes (Director of BP Batam Hospital).


The Indonesian government is watching this project carefully with great interest and we wish the group and project all the success," - Dr. Edi Prio Pambudi (Deputy Assistant Ministry of Monetary and Balance of Payments).


dClinic is your healthcare partner for wellness and vitality. We reward you for participating in your own rehabilitation and well-being pathway. We involve your family and friends in your rehabilitation journey. We create full engagement with your whole wellness team. dClinic – Your journey to VITALITY! This is dClinic’s commitment to you.

Sachin Gupta, Co-founder - dClinic
Sachin Gupta, Co-founder - dClinic
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