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HiGrocer India, Tech Enabled Consumer Product Company, Addresses Need of Last Minute Comfort Food in Todays Fast Changing Urban Lifestyle

Consumers Impulse buying and need are catered, thereby stocking up millions of neighborhood retailers (~91%), facing a hard climb to profits

Jan 20, 2020 12:03 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

In India, the rate of Urbanisation has increased to a considerable level since the 2009 census, as per the United Nations (UN) World Urbanization Prospects 2018 report. The fast changing urban lifestyle and the new trend of living, for multiple purpose, employment being one have eventually resulted to the growing demand of Branded Packaged or Comfort Foods in India which is also estimated to grow 12-14% CAGR. The young urban Indians aged 16 to 40 years constitute the major segment of this market. They spend over 40 percent of their income on food, are ready to experiment, and are willing to pay a premium for better quality, variety, and taste and India being the young Nation with a median age of 28.4 years will always enable increase in the Desired Demand and Brand Share of Voice.  


HiGrocer Products


On the other hand $300Bn Indian Retail Market the ubiquitous Kirana stores (~91%) are in great demand as many companies vie for their loyalty and customers. ~12 million fragmented retailers are attempting to meet customer needs in every nook and cranny of the country, while facing stiff competition especially with these Organised hyper retailers, which makes there survival limited to Last Minute Consumers' Shopping.


Aniket Sharma COO and Dharit Parikh CEO - HiGrocer India


Amidst this lens of conclusion Mumbai-based HiGrocer India, a Consumer Product Company, which currently markets 10 Products under 3 Brands spread over 2 Categories in a short span of operation, looks to capitalize on the innovative disruptions the company is implementing, Tethered by Technology as their Backbone and Interface, helping the Unorganised Retailers with Accessibility, Affordability and Assistance in more Earning Power.


Our Go To Market strategy is our USP, as it brings Scalability, Flexibility, Empowers Retailers and enables Building Brands, we work on a Hybrid Model encompassing key pillars of a Consumer company, i.e; Products, Retailers, Consumers & Supply Chain with Technology, which keeps our operation cost at marginal and enhance off-takes,” says Dharit Parikh, CEO HiGrocer India


Currently, markets across 1000 Retailers in Mumbai and Near by areas and are showing healthy growth with ‘Ayyappa' - Idli Dosa Batter, ‘rodel' - range of Frozen foods, both under Ready To Cook category and Toor Dal, Chana Dal, Yellow Moong Dal, Rice & Brown Rice as ‘Nutrifields' under Staples. Providing High Quality, High Margin & Higher Ticket Size Products to Retailers.


Dharit Parikh further stated, "Our Product Categorization is an outcome of these focused Customer Segmentation; Unorganised Retailers which are catering Last Minute consumer thirst for Packaged Foods and Mobile SKU of other edibles are Low hanging fruit for us to make our GTM penetration strategy easy and widely accepted.


HiGrocer, does exclusive Brand CoOwned Agreement with Manufacturers who have been wanting to make a mark in the Retail foray and creates Brand, assisting in; Concept of Shared resource in FMCG to create the most advanced Sales and Distribution model which gives maximum retail coverage which is Marketed by HiGrocer.

They do the Retail tie-ups and ensure product placement, our tie-ups with retailers are made with a committed shelf space or gondola space named “HiGrocer”, and we have a dedicated planogram for the shelf.

Their Partnered Products are warehoused in vicinity directly from the manufacturers factory and delivered to the retailer shop Tethered by their Technology enables market access concept whereby a product can be directly delivered to the retailer's shop from the manufacturer's factory through our SalesMax & Delhi mechanisms without having to go through the multiple layers of marketing, thereby providing an efficient & effective Supply Chain system.


Aniket Sharma, COO HiGrocer India stated that, “HiGrocer tries to bust this myth of Unorganised Retailers, The biggies, however, need to do a lot more before they can actually convince a consumer for a Last Minute purchase beyond Kirana store.”


About HiGrocer

HiGrocer India is a Consumer Product Company - focused on Technology being the backhand and interface and our supply chain innovation aims to empower Retailers to be competitive by providing operational expertise and scale advantage with the help of Technology and Brand Building. Idea is to partner with millions of retailers (by becoming part of their Stock offering) and making it the biggest product company supporting the need of the Fast changing Urban Indians. HiGrocer directly work in building brands to give retailer a boost on the demand side and reach to masses with transparency and deep market intelligence.


HiGrocer started with a Vision to cater the need of Urban India for Quality and Premium Comfort food, thereby enable every Retailer which connects to 1.3BN+ population to compete with Organized Giants, by our Last Minute SKU range of Quality Products Tethered by Technology, without compromising on their relations and hence sustain the trusted champions within their neighborhood.

HiGrocer Products
HiGrocer Products
Aniket Sharma COO and Dharit Parikh CEO - HiGrocer India
Aniket Sharma COO and Dharit Parikh CEO - HiGrocer India
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