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i Next Redefines Relentless, Path-Breaking Journalism

Nov 10, 2014   13:08 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

For the second time since its inception in 2006, as country’s first bilingual compact daily, i next is set to get re-launched in a brand new avatar. First such issue will come out on 9th November, 2014.i next is being re-introduced to the audience in an aggressive and attractive way, through its campaign- 'Bedhadak, Behichak, Zimmedaar, Asardaar'.The whole objective of this initiative is to make i next more smart, edgy and utilitarian through brave, path-breaking journalism.


"For eight years now, i next has been liked by urban dwellersfor its unusual stories and unique presentation of news. Time has arrived for the tabloid to get more vocal and insistent on social issues, since they are paramount in a vibrant democracy like ours" Shailesh Gupta, Director, Jagran Prakashan Limited reveals. "As a vital publicationof JPL,it is only befitting that inext takes the cudgels on behalf of its readers to affect progressive, promising changes in the world around us through a detailed and action-oriented approach to journalism."


Besides some relevant changes in the design of the paper, i next has undergone a complete overhaul in terms of content approach.The emphasis is being shifted to news stories which are imminent and directly concern the society. Prominence shall be given to campaign-style breaking of news and relentless follow-ups to bring about meaningful conclusions to the stories. The compact daily seeks to cater to the need of audience for 'change'.


The facelift has been given to impart the readers a taste of unique reading experience in terms of distinctiveness of news, quality of information and impact,” Alok Sanwal, COO and Editor, I next shares. “I next now has an accentuated incidence and impact quotient and I am sure it shall be closer to their hearts and more in conjunction with their needs and aspirations. We look to change the 'Chalta Hai' attitude, which plagues us as evil inertia.


The presentation and styling of the content has been switched to a higher side, with more aggressive packaging and racier headlines. A lot of new editorial fixtures have been incorporated to entice and engage the youth. It includes the extensive use of infographics and other innovative reader-interaction tools to supplement the news. It shall also bring information of over 3000 job opportunities for the young professionals, every month, which is linked to inext's experts' team for career consultation. Two new activity pages have been added to the Sunday edition. Monday shall focus on the digital world and Tuesdays shall deal with health and sex problems. A 'Spiritual' Thursday and 'Fashion' Friday await the readers in this brand new avatar.


An exciting shuffle has been affected to render the reading more refreshing. The web avatar of i also goes under the scalpel and is integrated with this new meaner and sleeker version of i next. A lot of new fixtures for engaging and connecting with the young, progressive audience are being introduced.


Revealing the rationale behind the development, Sunjit Singh, Brand Head, i next, shares, “Lot of crucial and quick changes have happened in the last 5-6 years in media, in term of news approach and packaging. Most of them triggered by the need of hard news for audience who is now more curious, smarter and more evolved. Therefore, continual evolution in the selection and portrayal of news is needed to reach them and give them the content they want, in the way they relish. The upfront and inquisitive form of journalism, which seeks to challenge the existing order, is the answer.


Emphasizing on inext’s upcoming audience engagement initiatives, Sunjit believes that social media plays a key role in connecting to its readers. “Engaging today's audience is not a virtue anymore, it is the need. Social media being the catalyst, is also the key tool to cultivate and measure their reading habits, pattern and behaviour. The latest avatar of i next, both digital and print, imbibes the need for the relationship building through new readers connectivity initiatives.


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