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Jitendra New E V Tech’s JMT 1000 HS gets FAME 2 Nod

Jun 19, 2019   17:44 IST 
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

The Nashik based Jitendra Electric VehiclesJMT 1000 HS electric scooter has been cleared by the Government for availing a subsidy of Rs. 19,753. The company announced a post subsidy Mumbai price of Rs. 79,015. The company has received massive response from customers and commitments have been received for more than 650 scooters.


Jitendra Electric Vehicle - JMT 1000 HS 


Jitendra Electric MD Mr. Jitendra Shah thanked the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) Manesar for the technological guidance and development assistance. He also thanked Department of Heavy Industry for awarding the subsidy under FAME 2.


Jitendra Electric was incorporated in 2015 and since then, producing and selling electric 3 and 2 wheelers. When asked as to how his company has continuously brought out new and innovative products, Mr. Jitendra Shah gave credit to the automobile eco system of Maharashtra. Availability of high quality of vendors, young and innovative work force and discerning customer base have been the key factors for us to bring better quality products as well as new features. Our 40 years’ experience in retailing leading global automobile brands has made each employee to strive for customer delight. This goodwill has helped us in rapidly expanding our dealer network.


JMT 1000 HS is powered by high speed 1000 W motor supported by 60V 34 AH battery. The latest technology controller makes it possible for JMT to be IOT enabled. Mr. Jitendra Shah pointed to the flexible dual seat configuration of the JMT. This makes the scooter flexible to be used as a double passenger vehicle for Rent a bike or e-Scooter Taxi operations. A flick of the rear seat clamp enables space to fix a cargo box for e-commerce applications. JMT is designed for 170 Kg of Load carrying ability and can negotiate a 7-degree gradient. He revealed that the company is in advanced stage of discussions with several b2b business operators. Products like JMT are ideally suited for “Last mile connectivity” applications.


As per Mr. Jitendra Shah, the phased manufacturing program announced by Government will lead to immense new opportunities because of serious investments in the component manufacturing industry. This will help manufacturers like us to expedite launches of products in new and emerging segments like popular and premium category motorcycles, higher range 2 and 3 wheelers as well as more customer-oriented products. He says that he is sure that India will eventually become the global hub for e vehicle manufacturing and is hopeful that as in the past, Maharashtra will once again become the Automobile capital.

Jitendra Electric Vehicle - JMT 1000 HS
Jitendra Electric Vehicle - JMT 1000 HS
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