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Ladderup Wealth Launches Estate Planning Division

Apr 21, 2020 16:09 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ladderup Wealth Management launched its new division into Estate Planning named Ladderup Trustee Services ( The new business would target niche audience of successful HNIs and business houses who want to create their succession plans for a hassle-free handover of business leadership and property to the next generation youth in the family. Over the last few years there has been a rise in internal family disputes due to the lack of proper estate planning and Ladderup Trustee Services has been instrumental in filling this void by providing legal expertise at an affordable cost.


Whether it is a simple will, a private family trust, or even a comprehensive family succession plan – Ladderup Trustee Services does it all. For the last eight years, they have been helping individuals, families and businesses by offering them a wide range of personalized solutions for their estate planning needs. Their dedicated team of legal experts have helped hundreds of families in creating their estate plans based on their preferences, beliefs and goals, thus ensuring that their wealth is transitioned to the next generation in a hassle-free manner.


Mr. Raghvendra Nath, Managing Director of Ladderup Wealth Management Private Limited

Mr. Raghvendra Nath, Managing Director of Ladderup Wealth Management Private Limited, said, “Estate Planning is a very specialized area of activity and firms like ours understand the nuances and intricacies of this field. With our Wealth Management background and an expert Estate Planning team, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to individuals and businesses who want to create their Estate Plan.”


A ‘Will’ is one of the basic documents of estate planning. It is a living legacy of a person. Despite the profound importance of a ‘Will’, it is largely considered as an afterthought. Many people think that they do not have enough wealth to justify writing a Will. Or that, writing Wills is a prerogative of the rich. Nothing can be farther away from the truth. Infact, if a person has less wealth, he should be more responsible in ensuring that the family’s interest is secure and they get the complete wealth of the person without a hassle. In the absence of a Will, the inheritance would be distributed between the legal heirs based on Laws of Succession and the same might not be aligned to the wishes of the deceased.


Mr. Nath further said, “Most people end up buying life insurance to protect their families because they are advertised heavily. Will is a far more important document than a life insurance policy. So, writing a Will is as important as buying insurance.”


Our experience has exposed us to so many family structures and their inherent issues that we are able to guide families and individuals through the entire Estate Planning process and make them look at aspects around their inheritance planning that were hitherto unknown to them. Many a times, a carefully crafted structure helps our clients to pass on not only wealth but also their beliefs, norms, and values to the next generation.


About Ladderup Wealth Management

Ladderup Wealth Management is an independent private wealth management and investment advisory firm catering to the needs of affluent individuals, families and businesses. The company is uniquely positioned in the private wealth management market because of the strength and experience of our advisory team and high standards of our service.


Ladderup Wealth Management helps people to accumulate, manage and preserve their wealth so that they can afford and enjoy the things that really matter to them in Life.


Ladderup Wealth Management believes that private wealth management is about a hassle-free investment experience that not only includes high quality advice but also the highest standards of service.  


Today Ladderup Wealth is counted amongst the premier wealth firms in the country because of their track record of integrity, transparency and competence.

Mr. Raghvendra Nath, Managing Director of Ladderup Wealth Management Private Limited
Mr. Raghvendra Nath, Managing Director of Ladderup Wealth Management Private Limited
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