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NComputing Sets a New Milestone: Deploys 1.3 Million Seats in India

No. 1 in Desktop Virtualisation in India for the 5th year in a row

Nov 28, 2014   13:13 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

- Empowers over 2 crore people in the country by making computing affordable and accessible
- Starting from the scratch in 2008 to achieving 50.3%2 market share in 2010, and  74.6%2 share  in 2013, the company has exhibited phenomenal growth in India by proving its mettle in a mere 5 years’ span 


NComputing, the leader in client virtualisation solutions, today announced that it has achieved a significant milestone of deploying over 1.3 million seats1in India. Customer wins backed by a robust and growing market for its products across a range of sectors, which includes education, small and medium businesses, enterprises, and, government and non-government organisations, propelled the company to achieve this momentous milestone.(1Total install base in India since inception in 2008)


Circa 2008, not many could have anticipated that NComputing, a new entrant in the Indian Desktop Virtualisation market, would capture half of the Indian enterprise client device market (with a market share of 50.3%2) in a mere two years’ time, and, in the next three years would become the undisputed leader by capturing two-third of the Indian enterprise client device market with a market share of 74.6%2in 2013.(2IDC Worldwide Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2010-2013)

From its inception to date, the key problem that NComputing as a company has set out to address has been: “How can computing benefits be percolated to millions of students and the under-privileged work force across the world, who do not have the privilege of having access to computers due to budget constraints faced by organisations and institutions that they are a part of.” Sometimes, being located in a remote area also restricts their access to technology and computing infrastructure.

NComputing solutions have been built from the ground up to liberate millions of knowledge workers, students, organisations, public administrators—not only in India, but also globally, from such challenges.

Over the last five years, NComputing solutions have helped hundreds and thousands of educational institutions, businesses, enterprises, governments and non-government organisations to ensure availability of PCs at a fraction of the cost, reduce per workstation cost by up to 50%, slash maintenance cost by up to 75%, and energy consumption and eWaste by upto 90%. These are some of the key reasons behind the company’s success.

It is noteworthy that while the company made its inception in India in 2008, beginning from ground zero, NComputing grew at an incredible rate with its shipments growing by 62%2 in 2013, making it the undisputed leader in desktop virtualisation space with 74.6%2 market share. This has been the fifth year in a row that NComputing has retained its leadership position over its traditional rivals in the Indian market. In the Asia-Pacific market too, NComputing continued to retain its leadership position in 2013 with 24.4%2market share. In H1 of 2014, the company deployed 88,489 seats in India.


Manish Sharma, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, NComputing, Inc., said,The milestone achieved by NComputing in India is a small step towards achieving 100% computer enablement in the country for the youth and knowledge workers, especially for those located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities/towns, and, the rural and remote areas. While we have a way to go, we are committed to empowering more and more people with computing access so that they become globally competitive.”


He added, “These million plus deployments would not have been possible without the support of our value added national distributor Redington and a strong network of over 800 partners spread across 120 (plus) cities in India.


Mr A. Francis Albert, General Manager, Redington India Limited, said, The primary reason behind NComputing’s outstanding success is its commitment to supporting its partners and customers during rewarding and challenging times alike. NComputing’s channel and marketing initiatives have consistently helped us reach higher goals and raised the performance bar to newer levels. We work together like a strong team. We value our association with NComputing and look forward to a long standing partnership ensuring greater customer reach and satisfaction.”


Mr Gopinath TK, Head-IT, The Bhavasara Kshatriya Co-op. Bank Ltd, said: NComputing was the only solution that met the diverse computing needs of our organisation in the most cost-effective way. The real value from NComputing comes from getting the entire organisation up and running in the most cost effective manner. The ease of manageability, centralised remote support, consistent power and backup cost savings are on-going benefits that have made NComputing our preferred choice for any future IT infrastructure expansion. We congratulate NComputing for its entrepreneurial excellence in achieving the 1.3 million milestone.

NComputing solutions, which provide the best value and price-performance combination, are being increasingly adopted across multiple verticals and customer segments—from large enterprises, Education, IT/ITeS, SMB to Government and Non-Government organisations. Some of NComputing’s customers in India include Bank Bazaar, India Healthcare Solutions, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services, multiple dealerships of Maruti Suzuki India, Orbis Financial Corporation, the Bhavasara Kshatriya Co–operative Bank, and many others.

One of the biggest successes that NComputing has accomplished in India has been through its Government school projects in multiple Indian states. Some of the large-scale implementations made by NComputing in India include 77,465 seats in 15,493 schools across Gujarat; 60,000 seats in 6000 plus Government schools in Andhra Pradesh; another 60,000 seats in Punjab; 58,500 seats in 2622 government schools of Haryana; 18,000 seats across 1800 learning centers of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL); 31,000 seats in Employees' State Insurance Corporation of India(ESIC) across 2210 locations in India, and deployment of many lakh devices in over 50,000 government schools.


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NComputing, Inc. is a leader in client virtualisation solutions. Removing the barriers through a unique formula of simplicity, performance and value, NComputing’s integrated solutions serve global enterprise and mid-market companies in key verticals such as education, healthcare and government. With over 20 million daily users in 140 countries, the company is fueling the adoption of client virtualisation faster than any other in the world.


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