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SOLO Launches TopCare - Plans to Expand to HORECA and to End Consumers

Aug 24, 2020 13:51 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

SOLO, one of Indias foremost and celebrated premium stationery brands has launched - TopCare, a product line dedicated to healthy and sustainable food packaging and cooking, starting with Food Wrapping as well as Baking and Cooking Paper. After years of research, SOLO introduced TopCare to put an end to the rampant use of fatal aluminum foils which leaches into our bodies. All products fulfil the two core tenets of TopCare - health & sustainability. SOLO TopCare's products are natural, organic and 100% food healthy. The products are made out of the wood pulp, promises safe disposal with products being biodegradable, recyclablele as well as compostable providing TopCare to Mother Nature. The food packed in the paper remains fresh and will not have any hazardous effects on the body. All products are certified as per American, European and Indian food safety standards.


SOLO TopCare - Food Wrapping Paper Pack


SOLO takes pride in sourcing the raw material for the TopCare products from the heart of Europe by methods prescribed by the Forest Stewardship Council, the foremost authority in the domain. The raw materials are subsequently processed under the most hygienic conditions and with careful monitoring systems in place across production, packaging and transportation stages.


SOLO TopCare - Baking & Cooking Paper


As per Ashutosh Gupta, Director for Filex Systems Private Limited, "SOLO TopCare plans to cater to both the HORECA and to the end consumer. TopCare acknowledges that consumers are becoming more conscious about their purchasing decisions both because of the increasing awareness about health hazards and the growing concern for the environment; further making the brand take a step towards a better tomorrow through its natural and organic products. Adoption of TopCare will be a small step towards making purchasing decisions radically that will not hamper the environment and health." 


SOLO TopCare is relentlessly working to contribute its bit to nature while envisaging a responsible co-existence and promoting a green approach.


Please find below the features of the products under SOLO TopCare:

TopCare Food Wrapping Paper - TopCare Food Wrapping Paper is made up of virgin food grade cellulose fibers ensuring top care for the food delivering 100% healthy food. It can be used for endless food types that are suitable for a variety of foods, right from paranthas, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, meat, poultry, etc. Certified as per the American, European and Indian standards to come in contact with dry, moist & fatty foodstuff. The paper keeps the food fresh, aromatic and tasty all while making sure it does not get soggy!


The paper is oil & grease resistant, holding out oil & fat for long durations. It is easy to use as it does not stick either to the utensil or the food. The product has high wet strength because of its natural structure ensuring that the liquids including water do not pass for prolonged periods. It is microwave and oven safe, biodegradable, compostable & recyclable. The paper is an absolute delight for both presentation and delivery facets of the restaurants as it is available in varying designs and can be customized for the b2b segment too. The rolls come in a uniform design and are 28 cm wide and 20 meters long. The MRP is 199 inclusive of all taxes. Sheets come in three designs in the size of 11 inches by 11 inches along with a closure sticker that can be used to seal once the food is wrapped. The price of 60 sheets is Rs. 150 inclusive of all taxes. 


SOLO Wrapping paper




TopCare Cooking and Baking Paper - TopCare Baking and Cooking Paper is 100% food healthy. The thickness of the cooking and baking paper ensures that it is reusable, compostable and recyclable. It can be used for various forms of cooking including steaming, grilling, frypan cooking and oven cooking. The greaseproof and non-stick properties of the paper will provide a hassle-free baking experience. It can be used as a non-stick coating for cooking and reduces the need for adding extra butter or oil while cooking/grilling for better health. The paper helps retain more natural minerals and vitamins while preserving the aroma of food as it stops the moisture from escaping. The baking & cooking paper rolls are 30 cm wide and 16 meters long and are priced at Rs 199 inclusive of all taxes. The MRP for a pack of 50 sheets of 12 Inches by 12 Inches is Rs. 150 inclusive all taxes.


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SOLO TopCare - Food Wrapping Paper Pack
SOLO TopCare - Food Wrapping Paper Pack
SOLO TopCare - Baking & Cooking Paper
SOLO TopCare - Baking & Cooking Paper

SOLO Wrapping paper
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