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Spaceler, Proliferating Rapidly in Commercial Interior Designing Industry of Bangalore

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Jan 29, 2020 10:30 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Workplace design largely revolves around the company's culture. Depending on whether it's a collaborative, open or cubicle culture, the office design gets shaped. It is simply, function dictates form. Organizations these days put a lot of attention in designing the interior to attract and retain top talent, boost their employees' productivity and grow their brand into a more profitable enterprise. Bangalore based Spaceler is a pioneer in the industry which focuses on bringing the concept of spatial innovation by promoting open green offices in order to improve the employee output and thus helping businesses to achieve their goals. The company aims at revolutionizing the entire commercial interior designing space with its cutting edge designs and technological advancements.


Mr. Raj Sagar, CEO, Spaceler

"We want to be the harbinger of change by providing business establishments with a new outlook at available floor space and converting the same to high performance collaborative spaces. We want to ensure that we align our design and execution expertise with our client's business goals and create a balanced space that takes care of design aesthetics as well as employee well being," says Raj Sagar, CEO, Spaceler.


While most of the commercial interior design firms serve only certain stages of the entire process making the process time consuming and less organized, Spaceler is capable of handling entire project management cycle for any and every business. The company's objective is to set the right expectation from the start itself and then deliver upon the promises made. Since the entire process is inhouse, the ambiguity quotient comes down drastically, which is further improved by the tech enabled tracking system.


"Manufacturing design components for specific execution stages at our inhouse facility allows us to handle seamless end-to-end project management. Our realtime tech monitored processes prevent design dilutions and delivery snags, resulting in providing a transparent and economical design to deliver solutions to business establishments," he informs.


Spaceler aims at revolutionizing the entire commercial interior designing space with its cutting edge designs and technological advancements.”                       


The Beginning

Incepted in April 2016, Spaceler commenced its journey with the vision of creating high performance spaces for business establishments by delivering design innovations led by three enterprising entrepreneurs who come from diverse backgrounds like design, technology and finance, it also aims to deliver design innovations.


The team meticulously plans time and resources starting with zoning off certain areas under execution to prevent impact on client's employee movement. "At Spaceler, we want to ensure that our clients make the right decision when it comes to space planning and resource management. We intentionally zone out our work area to prevent any hindrance to the employee's day to day work, while working overtime at non office hours as well as during holidays too on certain occasions, to ensure that delivery happens on time," he mentions.


The Brighter Days!

The Group is forecasting revenue of INR 400 Mn in FY'20 delivering over 1.5 Mn sq. ft. While they achieve these numbers, the team of experts will grow magnificently to ensure that design aesthetics and timelines are maintained for each of the projects. Under the guidance of Deepak Agrawal, Managing Director, Spaceler has grown at a CAGR of 100 percent and the focus is currently set on clocking INR 400 Mn in revenues by the end of this fiscal. "We have already churned a revenue of INR 170 Mn and claim to be the fastest growing Bootstrapped company in the interior industry aiming to touch INR 400 Mn in FY’20, he concludes.


Spaceler has successfully paved its way in the commercial interior designing Industry with its creativity and innovativeness.


Mr. Raj Sagar, CEO, Spaceler
Mr. Raj Sagar, CEO, Spaceler
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