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Taikee by Peel-Works Releases its Latest Brand Film 'Uncle ki Dukaan'

The film is an ode to the unsung heroes, corner store owners who have stood by consumers in good times and in bad

Jul 23, 2020 17:59 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Taikee, the B2B e-commerce platform of Peel-Works that digitally empowers small and mid-sized grocery stores has launched its new brand film #UncleKiDukaan. The film is a portrayal of how neighbourhood kirana stores are not just shops, but an irreplaceable bond for its many consumers. One that conjures up happy memories and emotions shaped up over the years, which are hard to be filled in by online alternatives.


Taikee - Uncle ki Dukaan


This film is also a reminder of how local shopkeepers are the lifeline of consumers across the nation. Especially, in times of COVID, when cities are locked down, the shutters of these corner stores remain open to serve consumers tirelessly.


Taikee - Uncle Ki Dukaan




In the film, the script brings out the deep relationship of the corner store owner with his consumers, quite like the unspoken bond of a father and child. It narrates how ‘Uncle ki Dukaan’ has always stood by their side and passed on a legacy of love, reliability and care throughout generations. The film evokes nostalgia as it represents how most childhoods were filled with memories of interaction with their local shopkeeper. And, how even during the recent lockdown, he never let them down.


Nidhi Ramachandran, Co-founder, Taikee by Peel-Works, says, “At Taikee, we have always been committed to delivering better lives to corner stores. This campaign reinstates our resolve to improve their quality of life and dreams of tomorrow by continuing to empower them with technology. We sincerely hope that this will build stronger faith in people towards their neighbourhood kirana stores and encourage them to shop from these stores, which have an unmatched legacy and relationship with consumers.”


Taikee by Peel-Works, was started with an aim to create a level playing field for small shopkeepers to compete with technologically competent retailers. For every initiative, the brand has always kept local retailers at its heart. Through this campaign, Taikee touches upon the role that corner stores play in our lives and is hoping that consumers will continue to uplift local grocery shops. With a strong understanding of their retailers, this film has been conceptualised and executed by the brand’s in-house team. At the time of going to press, the film has reached around half a million consumers across social media channels.


About Taikee by Peel-Works

Founded in 2010 by Sachin Chhabra and Nidhi Ramachandran, Taikee is the B2B e-commerce platform of Peel-Works, enabling better lives for corner stores. The company has a direct tie-up with leading FMCG brands, making it convenient for retailers to source a wide inventory at low prices through a single app, instead of interacting with salesmen of multiple brands. Taikee also assures quick delivery schedules of latest products, thus empowering retailers to offer their consumers a delightful shopping experience. The company is committed to providing tech-enabled solutions which aim to improve store sales, profitability and inventory management.


Taikee currently caters to over 20,000 retailers across India. The company is funded by Chiratae Ventures, Indian Angel Network, Inventus Capital Partners, Unilever Ventures, CESC Ventures, Trifecta Capital, Bruno E. Raschle, Equanimity Investments and HDFC.


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Taikee - Uncle ki Dukaan
Taikee - Uncle ki Dukaan

Taikee - Uncle Ki Dukaan
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