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When Energy Matters – Think Socomec

Ensuring optimal energy performance, wherever it is critical

Jun 20, 2019   13:54 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Socomec, a specialist in the availability, control and safety of electrical installations, announces the launch of its new brand strategy ‘When Energy Matters’.


For modern businesses, high availability of systems is a key influencer when it comes to delivering revenue and customer satisfaction. This makes energy - the primary driver of system availability - a critical element. As the Industry 4.0 model – comprising Business 4.0 levers such as automation, cloud, agility, and intelligence - becomes the new norm across sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and BFSI, energy efficiency, quality and performance are increasingly of paramount importance. Downtime is simply not an option; ensuring that all business-critical systems and applications are always available and protected is an absolute imperative - and this is exactly what Socomec promises. A leading manufacturer of Power Conversion and Switching and Monitoring equipment, Socomec provides the most innovative solutions to ensure maximal energy performance of electrical installations.


For critical environments such as hospitals, IT datacenters, buildings, industrial and infrastructure units, as well as renewable energy setups, energy matters significantly as power outages are simply non-negotiable. These environments require always-on electrical power, lighting and heating/cooling; wherever energy matters, Socomec’s engineers, technicians, production and sales support teams work in tandem with customers to protect as well as optimize the performance of their electrical installations.


Being a specialist manufacturer of energy products with experience of nearly 100 years in the industry, Socomec’s solutions are tailored specifically to meet the energy needs of critical installations including electro-consumer sites that are highly receptive to opportunities to reduce energy consumption, as well as electrically sensitive sites that require a completely reliable electrical network and high quality energy guaranteed.


To complement the expansive product range, Socomec India is also renowned for an unwavering commitment to after-sales customer support – throughout the product lifecycle. With an Expert Care Centre, customers can reach the company’s engineers directly for quick and accurate resolution of their queries – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Socomec’s understanding of critical energy needs is unparalleled - and when energy matters, customers can trust Socomec experts to be by their side delivering practical support in real time.


Speaking at the launch of the When Energy Matters campaign, Socomec’s Managing Director Mr. Sushil Virmani commented, “For nearly a century, Socomec has acquired expertise in ensuring energy performance, wherever it is critical. Infused with innovation at every step of the value chain, our company is redefining energy for the new Industry 4.0 era. Our power conversion, switching, and monitoring products are lauded worldwide for their futuristic design, exceptional performance, and industry leading technical functionalities. Through our WHEN ENERGY MATTERS campaign, we wish to reinforce our commitment towards building an energy ecosystem characterized by high availability, low latency, and superior connectivity.”


Designed to overcome today’s challenges, while also future-proofing tomorrow’s energy needs, Socomec’s internationally proven, tested and compliant power solutions are all that businesses need when energy matters.


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About Socomec: When energy matters

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an independent, industrial group with a workforce of 3600 experts spread over 28 subsidiaries in the world. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks serving our customers’ power performance.

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